School’s! Out! For! Summ-Hey, wait a minute…

Summer is in the air. Warm days, cool breezes and the occasional rainstorm or snow shower. We all know summer doesn’t start in Washington until after the fourth of July and until those lazy, hazy days of glory are abundant, why not feast your minds by taking a course in one of the three summer sessions offered? Summer school at our university is not the kind of summer school glamorized in the movie; a class of ragamuffin failures in a classroom by the beach coming together through an inspirational teacher to pass the class and become successful young adults. Actually, our summer session may be really close to that, minus the beach unless count Salmon Creek.

Diving into (get it?) summer courses is a great way to get ahead in your required courses and electives while having fun. Cliché I know, but I am going to break it down and give you my “Best Of” classes offered during the first session. Here we go:

SOC302: Contemporary Masculinity and Men’s Issues.
Dude…If you are looking for a free aftershave, this is not it. How’s that for stereotypes? This class will tackle those and more as they explore masculinity.

ENG415: Traditions of Comedy and Tragedy.
Thou shall entrance thyself with subscription henceforth to abhor wall-eyed. Shakespeare. Look it up.

DTC 475: Digital Diversity.
Juniors. Seniors. We need a little thing called a Tier III to graduate. This course is a Tier III course. Look at a variety of ways the Internet and other forms of media are shaping how we, the consumer, look at race, gender, ethnicity and other things that are digitally diverse.

Two, maybe three things you should know about classes in the summer. First off, know the cost of summer session. Traditionally, summer courses have been ridiculously expensive with little financial aid, but this year, you will pay the same summer tuition from 2012. That means it is cheaper to take summer courses than during the regular year! Additionally, no one will pay out-of-state tuition this summer.

Second thing about summer session, the myth about summer courses being easier or more relaxed is not true, well it really just depends. Summer courses are certainly are not any easier as you cram a semester worth of information into six weeks but perhaps they feel easier for a variety of reasons. Sunburns, smaller classes, more discussion, sunshine, six-weeks you blink and you’re done.

Third. Registration for summer session began April 8. A list of all the delightful summer offerings can be found online.

Put down that margarita, empty the kiddie pool and get to your summer class.

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