2012 Pumpkin Carving

It was a seedy scene in Firstenburg Student Commons when ASWSUV hosted the annual campus pumpkin carving event on Oct. 24. Approximately 50 students and 75 squash gathered to prepare for Halloween in style. The event was planned and hosted by ASWSUV student activities  board, led by sophomore Becci Westby, director of activities and mechanical engineering major, and junior Linda Otten, assistant director of activities and accounting major. ASWSUV provided carving tools, paint, stencils and markers and students provided the inspiration and elbow grease.

(From left) Stephanie Leeper, freshman majoring in elementary education, Hannah Morris-Pinson, sophomore majoring in biology/pre-med and Linda Otten, junior majoring in accountingAmber Clark, sophomore majoring in psychologyScott Yin, senior majoring in biology and computer science.Kyra Smith, junior majoring in marketing.Norman Enz and his daughter. Enz is a senior majoring in computer scienceRyan Malone, sophomore majoring in biology.pumpkinwinpumpkinsosipumpkincarve

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