A letter from the incoming editor-in-chief: Audrey Miller

A letter from the incoming editor-in-chief:

As the new editor-in-chief, I am honored to be taking the helm from Cyndie Meyer. The revitalization of this newspaper was my inspiration for coming aboard. I want to continue the standard of excellence that made The VanCougar an award-winning paper over the past year.

I am a graduate student in the Masters of Public Affairs program and received my bachelors of arts in public affairs from WSU Vancouver in 2012.

While earning my undergraduate degree I was a heavily involved student. I recently decided to continue my involvement while I earn my masters degree and knew there was no better place than the VanCougar.

I want to be an open and available editor-in-chief. Anytime someone wants to meet with me concerning the paper, its content or with any questions, comments or concerns, I will make time.

During my tenure I want to increase the circulation of the newspaper to off campus locations, starting in Salmon Creek. I believe there is untapped value in connecting the surrounding community to the WSU Vancouver campus. The students, faculty and staff at WSU Vancouver do groundbreaking work on this campus. I want our community to learn about the gem they have hidden away on this hill.

Concerning the website launch Feb. 4, I want to ensure the hard work that has gone into the production of the site over the past year will be successfully maintained. Once the site goes live I want to slowly increase the content and type of content visitors are able to interact with. The website will be an extension of the newspaper, a place were we are able to give our readers that which the paper cannot provide. Video reporting and extensive photo galleries to accompany print stories will be among the beginning of the supplemental content to appear on the site.

As we transition from fall to spring semester, the VanCougar has several positions to fill. Please visit The VanCougar office to learn more about open positions. We have job applications posted outside our office and in the Office of Student Involvement.

Here’s to a fantastic and exciting new year and thank you to Cyndie Meyer, former editor-in-chief, who has mentored me and handed me the torch of a top-notch publication.

Audrey Miller
VanCougar Editor-in-chief

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