A quarter-century and counting: WSU Vancouver celebrates 25th anniversary

Washington State University Vancouver is celebrating its 25th anniversary over the next year. According to vancouver.wsu.edu the graduation commencement on May 10th was the beginning of the celebrations, as well as the exact date that this branch was “formally established.” According to Brenda Alling, the director of marketing and communication at WSU Vancouver, the theme for the anniversary will be “access.” There will be a large number of events occurring during the 2014-2015 school year to commemorate the anniversary, with some of the fall semester celebrations already deep in the process of being organized and assembled.

Starting on the first day of fall semester, there will be flag wavers on the streets leading to campus. These flag bearers are volunteers from the local community who offered their time for this demonstration earlier this year through the WSU Vancouver website. There will also be an exhibit in the library opening that will feature “artifacts” from campus, including the shovel that was used in the campus’ groundbreaking ceremony and their archive of photographs from throughout the university’s history. The school webpage is being redesigned for the anniversary, and will have a new logo. There will be timelines posted around the community with the history of campus on them, and WSU Vancouver banners. “There are also many community partners wanting to get involved in helping us celebrate,” Alling said.

On September 6th at 3:00 pm, campus will host a community celebration featuring a variety of attractions. Alling stated that the event would also serve as an open house for the community, as a way to welcome non-students on to campus and provide an easy point of entry for visitors to WSU Vancouver. Among the many attractions there will be campus tours, and representatives from various student groups. Alling said that the event will also offer cake or cupcakes, and possibly a concert in the amphitheater. This event will be free to attend for both students and non-students alike. For more information about this event, contact Maureen Keller at maureen_keller@vancouver.wsu.edu

WSU Vancouver will also be recognizing 25 alumni this year who have made notable contributions to the community. Nominations are taking place until June 20th and there will be a dinner honoring them on November 7th. Alling added this dinner also honors scholarship donors and recipients. Alumni nominations can be made at admin.vancouver.wsu.edu/naa

“There are a lot of ways [students] can be involved,” Alling said. The planning for many of these events will be taking place during the summer break. For students wanting to get involved in the planning, or the events themselves, contact Peter Collier, the vice president of ASWSUV at aswsuv.vpres@vancouver.wsu.edu

Students with further questions can contact Brenda Alling at brenda_alling@vancouver.wsu.edu or Jennifer Miltenberger at jennifer.miltenberger@wsu.edu

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