Alexander Feyster – Presidential Candidate

logoHow do you see/what do you think this position does?

What made you decide to run?

What is your platform?

What is something you would like to see change this year?

How do you plan and currently communicate to the students?

Why should student vote for you?



The duty of the president is to represent student voices and student needs on the administration and state level providing students with the support and representation they deserve. Beyond that, the president is to provide students with a supportive student government which is there for students and is ready to do whatever it take to make student life on this campus more vibrant and exciting, providing the students with programs, activities and most importantly any support they need to be a successful student here at WSUV.

Holding leadership positions for the past 2 years, it has been an amazing opportunity to see the progress that the campus is making. Although progress was and is being made, I have seen very little resources that are strongly supported and provided by the student government for student success. Through experience and observation, I have learned that students seek more support and resources to make progress in their education rather than them having a good time while in college, although that too is important. Being a commuter campus, most students are here to pursue and education rather than have and “epic college experience”. This being something important that we as leaders need to understand and support that while we are in the progress of developing in size as a campus. Motivated to give students the support they actually need, running for ASWSUV president is a position in which I would be able to accomplish the task of giving students instant resources that assist them in their education and help them see their student fees returning to them.

Through this next presidency I am hoping that the ASWSUV student government develops more opportunities for student support and the act of giving back to students the fees that they are paying in a more visible way.

Communication is key. Currently serving as an ASWSUV senator, direct in person communication has been the method by which I have been communicating with students. Stressing on that method as well as in class announcements, texting lists, and media, are all methods by which communication with our student body would be upheld.

Voting for the FeytserCha Ticket, students would not only see their student fees returning to them individual, but they would also have a ticket in which there are two perspectives present. A student familiar with the student government and its system as well as an average student on this campus who has not been exposed to the system and has a fresh take on what students actually need, how to reach out to students more effectively, as well as how to develop a more intimate relationship with our student body and show them that we care and support them in their time here at WSU Vancouver.

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