Are you looking for a job on campus next year? KOUG Radio, Salmon Creek Journal and The VanCougar are all hiring students like you

WSU Vancouver Student Media is hiring for the 2013-2014 school year. If you’re interested in writing, music, marketing, advertising, group management or just want to get more involved on campus, consider applying for one of the many positions available.

Besides networking opportunities to those involved, working for student media can teach you useful skills, provide a variety of new experiences and some even pay. Student Media Board Chair Jacob Schmidt believes that involvement is critical to the student experience.

“A degree remains the main purpose of a college education, but to graduate and already have the knowledge, skill sets and real-world experiences that employers look for in prospective employees, that is something that out students need and something our media organizations provide,” said Schmidt.

There are many paid positions available through WSU Vancouver’s student newspaper. Ranging from Editor-in-Chief to Reporter, The VanCougar is a good place to gain some experience in writing, management and advertising.

“The positions we have available are those that students with little experience can participate in. You don’t have to be a professional. The reason we have these positions in student media is so students can develop the skills they will need later on in life,” said Audrey Miller, The VanCougar Editor-in-Chief.

The VanCougar is currently hiring a web and social media manager, team editors and always reporters. All positions are compensated differently based on the different levels of responsibility.

The Salmon Creek Journal, WSU Vancouver’s literary journal published annually, will be hiring positions for the 2013-2014 school year. Open positions with The Salmon Creek Journal include prose, poetry and visual arts editors, as well as positions for marketing and web design/layout. These positions vary in time commitment and are compensated. Besides giving students the opportunity to learn and explore the process of publication, The Salmon Creek Journal gives students an outlet to share their creative work with the rest of campus.

Isabella Oliveria, current Salmon Creek Journal editor-in-chief, says her work directly connects to the work she wants to do after graduation.

“After school I want to get into copy editing and technical writing. Working on the Salmon Creek Journal has given me experience working in this field, and shown me I can actually do this for a living,” said Oliveria.

KOUG Radio, WSU Vancouver’s campus radio station, is also hiring for a variety of positions. Open positions with KOUG Radio include music and programming director, public relations director, and a technology director. KOUG Radio is also always hiring new unpaid DJs.

“We’re looking for directors and DJs with passion for the radio station, someone interested in taking it to the next level. I love my job. I work on projects and events that are a ton of fun. I get paid well and my schedule is completely flexible with my classes,” said Jimmy Kramer, current KOUG Radio Station Manager.

Working with KOUG Radio offers students the opportunity to expand jobs skills and become more appealing to potential employers.

“Serious involvement on campus looks fantastic on a resume. I have businesses calling me, asking me to apply. In addition to jobs, opportunities like this make for an extremely rewarding college experience. You’re simply not going to get opportunities like this at any other time in your life,” said Kramer.

Student Media Chair and Student Media Vice-Chair positions are also open for applications. Applications for these positions are available at kougradio.com, in the OSI Office in the FSC, and outside of The VanCougar office at VCLS 212.

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