As fall semester begins, get to know who leads your student government

Student government can seem like a faraway organization to some students, but those who run Washington State University Vancouver’s student government strive to be familiar to and friendly with the students they serve. On August 14 at ROAR Freshman Orientation, ASWSUV President David Choi shared his plans for the upcoming school year as President, his personal thoughts about the job and his own personal academic goals.

Choi is a biology major minoring in chemistry, and his focus is on pre-med as he works toward admission into medical school. When asked about his job as ASWSUV President, he said, “it’s my job to make sure that all students are connected to any and all resources they need. We [student government] advocate at the local, state and federal level for all students at Washington State University Vancouver.” Choi was elected in May of 2014 at the conclusion of spring semester and will serve for the entire 2014-2015 school year, from commencement to commencement. Choi also shared the story behind how he and Vice President Peter Collier ran for their positions. “We ran as a ticket for the positions after we got to know each other through student leadership positions, especially where we tabled together at events like the Week of Welcome, Square One training and training for student ambassadors. We became better friends, got along well and decided to go for it!”  Choi added that he ran for the position “not because I love political science, but because I care about the individual student and each individual’s needs.”
Choi explained that ASWSUV is set up in a similar manner as the United States government when discussing his role as President. “We [ASWSUV] employ an executive staff to assist with running student government and there are different branches like the judicial board — or ‘J-board’ — and legislative positions to help us pass decisions and judgments to best serve students.”
As for the upcoming school year, Choi and Collier have a range of ideas and plans in motion to serve the students of Washington State University Vancouver. Choi said “not only do we advocate for students, but also for staff and for anyone who visits campus.” He also shared that he would like to set up special times for students to stop by the ASWSUV office to share ideas or concerns, or even to stop by and chat. “My idea is to do ‘walk and talk Tuesdays,’ or Wednesdays, whatever day would work best for everyone!” He said.

For the 2014-2015 year, ASWSUV’s primary goal is to focus on student-centered ideas like event planning, establishing a strong voter base and facilitating a solid volunteer structure to best serve students. Vice President Collier, a business administration major, shared that he and Choi agree wholeheartedly that every student has the opportunity to “make your story a success story” and that ASWSUV is here to help in any and every way.
Visitors are more than welcome to stop by ASWSUV’s offices, located in the Firstenburg Student Commons in room 129. President David Choi can be contacted by phone at (360)-546-9520 and by e-mail at aswsuv.pres@vancouver.wsu.edu. Vice President Peter Collier can be reached by phone at (360)-546-9521 and by e-mail at aswsuv.vpres@vancouver.wsu.edu.

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