As the new year begins, so does a new staff counselor

The blossoming of fall has ushered new spirit to the campus. Allison Chambers has stepped into the role of staff counselor at Washington State University Vancouver. Her background in psychology began with her college career at Portland State University as a young pre-medicine student inspired by the thought of helping others.

By the time that she was in her final year of undergraduate study, she realized that she had a desire to serve people through a career devoted to psychology rather than, as she previously intended, as a surgeon.

“I fell in love with the subject and decided during my senior year of college that I would rather help people as a clinical psychologist than as a surgeon,” Chambers said regarding her passion for the practice.

Her search for a fulfilling job landed her at the WSU Vancouver campus for the 2016-2017 school year. The campus’s close-knit, team-oriented faculty attracted her to the position; her desire to work with hard-working students and in such a picturesque location only furthered the enthrallment.

Although Chambers has an extensive and thorough training, she must still be referred to as a counselor for the time being. The completion of the exam to ensure her license as a practicing psychologist is the only thing that stands between her and the title.

Patience McGinnis, the lead psychologist at WSU Vancouver, commented in an email to the Student Affairs and Enrollment Staff, “It’s an arduous process but I anticipate she will become licensed this fall.” The anticipation is, certainly, shared by the rest of the population at WSU Vancouver.

The very best is expected of Chambers. After all, she is the incredibly successful holder of a Bachelor’s of Science in Organismal Biology and Psychology, a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. Her far-reaching preparation should evoke excitement for many students and faculty members.

“I am hoping to provide support to students, faculty and staff through ongoing outreach and workshop initiatives across campus that promote self-care, resiliency and holistic wellness. I am passionate about group counseling and have a wish that all students can experience the magic of group at some point during their academic year at WSU Vancouver,” Chambers said.

Something that Chambers would like students on campus to know is that she is an international champion of the Washington Apple Commission’s Lunchbox Derby. When she was 11 years old, her and her teammates constructed a car comprised of fruits and vegetables and were consequently flown out to Washington D.C. to go up against teams from a variety of countries such as Canada, the United States and England. After their inventive and original vehicle had made it the farthest, past all the other contestants, they were returned to Oregon and spent their homecoming as praised and revered champions.

For anyone experiencing a need for counseling, please consult with the Counseling Services Department. The WSU Vancouver counseling staff is highly trained and ready to assist, with Chambers as a shining example of this amenity.

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