ASWSUV Senate Update

  • Bill 22.018 Recognition: Relating to the allocation of $1,810 from the Senate Allocation Pool for funding the event “Recognition: A Conversation,” (History Club’s Spring Native Symposium) on March 5th – 8th, 2013: 11-0-0: Passed
  • Resolution 22.001: Relating to banning smoking on campus, offering smoking cessation programs and establishing smoking zones off and outside of the immediate campus: 6-3-1: Failed
  • COMMITTEE STATUS BILL 22.001: Relating to transforming the Student Activities Board from its current position within the executive branch to a Senate committee: 10-0-0: Passed
  • By Law Amendment 22.005: Relating to the establishment of a permanent Senate meeting time: 10-0-0: Passed
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