Birdfest Update

BirdFest occurred this weekend despite the stormy political climate. Due to the government shutdown, many events had to move from the currently closed Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge to downtown Ridgefield.
Families, happy couples and hornets turned up for the event, which included announcements of the photography winners, local food and gift vendors and a live bird show presented by the Portland Audubon Society.

After quick jaunt down to Abram’s park, visitors signed up for nature hikes, an English Ivy basket weaving workshop, admired flint knapping demonstrations and perused information about the Refuge Plankhouse.

The atmosphere at the festival was warm and friendly, quite in opposition from a posted quote from William Clark who wrote of his stay in the area that: “I slept but very little last night for the noise kept up dureing [sic] the whole night by Swans, Geese, white and Grey Brant ducks etc. They were immensely noumerous [sic] and their noise horrid.”

While there are still plenty of birds in Ridgefield to celebrate BirdFest, there are not quite so many to keep one from sleep any longer.

Events like this are import- ant, especially when an estimated 30,000 species go extinct every year, as reported by ac- tionbioscience.org. At the Port- land Audubon live bird show

Deanna Sawtelle, a member of the Audubon society, said the first step to helping birds is learning about and appreciating them. BirdFest is just that: a fun way to learn about our feathered friends, and appreciate them in their natural habitats.

Check out the BirdFest website for news on next year’s event.

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