Bre Shores – Senatorial Candidate

logoHow do you see/what do you think this position does?
I think this position is responsible for getting students involved in activities on campus and in making those activities worth the students’ time.  I believe it is up to the student government to provide resources to better the education of its students by building skills and gaining experience that can be applied to their chosen major.

What made you decide to run?
I decided to run because I have not seen the push to join clubs and societies that I expected to see.  After I joined the HR Society and became a Director I saw the unlimited amount of resources and experience building exercises that it provided.  I have utilized everything my society has to offer me and through that and my dedication I’ve gotten an internship in my field and am accruing experience that will make me a great candidate for a position in my field after graduating.  I am constantly astonished that people don’t go to club meetings or activities to expand their chances at getting hired when they walk out these doors.

What is your platform?

My platform is to get YOU a job before graduating.  I plan to go about this by evaluating what the clubs and societies on campus have to offer and then working with them to provide activities and exercises to increase experience, confidence, and networking abilities.  I would like to hear from students on why they aren’t interested in clubs or why they can’t attend the meetings their clubs have; and, if possible, I would like to create more clubs tailored to what the students want and need to succeed in their future.  I believe having a leadership position in a club shows dedication and passion and increases the likelihood of obtaining an internship while still attending college which could directly lead into a career after school.

What is something you would like to see change this year?

I would like to see more students confident in obtaining a job after graduating.  Which correlates with wanting to see more students engaged in campus activities, even those that don’t directly apply to their major.  Every time a student attends a seminar, a movie showing, open soccer time, resume building class, or a club meeting, they increase their networking which increases their chances at meeting the person that can hook them up with a position at their dream job.  It really is about who you know, and we need to get out there and know more people.

How do you plan and currently communicate to the students?

I currently communicate to students through flyers, electronic reader boards, and announcements in class, but I don’t believe these are as effective as they could be.  I am not a professional in advertising or marketing and would love for some advice on how to get critical information to students in a way that they are willing to listen to and will respond to.  Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me because I have a passion to help them succeed.  I will work diligently to ensure the students make the most of their time here at WSUV and that every moment will be utilized to bring them closer to their dream.

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