Breaking news update on Wednesday medical call

Deep brain stimulation is a procedure where probes are inserted into the brain in order to effect different functions of the body.  In Psychology 105 on Wednesday, Nov. 20, a video on such a procedure was being shown when a student in the classroom fainted.  According to Rebecca Hilberg, a student who was present during the video, it was showing a doctor probing various parts of a woman’s brain making her laugh and then sob in instants. Hilberg says at this point, one of the students in the class seemed to ’tilt’ in her chair, and then proceed to fall to the floor, unconscious.

Immediately, another student ran over and pulled the unconscious student out from under the desk and told the professor to call 911 while a third student moved to help by raising the girl’s feet attempting to wake her up.  The third student attempted to identify if fainting was a common issue and if her unconscious classmate had any other medical problems that could have contributed.  Hilberg said at this point the class was dismissed and the class dispersed. The girl who passed out was, according to Hilberg, fine after some rest and didn’t need to be ambulanced away.

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