Campus smoking ban takes effect at WSU Vancouver

“I really need a cigarette!”
“Well, you can’t smoke on cam- pus so you’ll need to leave.”

You may be hearing dialogue like this more regularly as we return to campus for fall. Determined by a joint student/administration led initiative last spring semester, Washington State University Vancouver is now tobacco-free effective August 1, 2013.

As per our policy, a tobacco-free campus is defined as “ban- ning the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah, all forms of smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, clove cigarettes and other alternative products made primarily with tobacco.”

In other words, tobacco use of any kind is prohibited on campus. Further, there will be penalties enforced by public safety for violation. This policy does applies to the use of tobacco anywhere after you’ve entered the WSU Vancouver campus, including the parking lots and trails.

One option explored last year was to give tobacco-users a specified area for smoking. This portion of the initiative was not implemented due to student opinion.

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