Changes to campus event pricing announced

Beginning in 2017, students planning events on campus must factor event set up costs into their budgets, administrators have announced. Washington State University Vancouver’s facilities operations department held meetings before Thanksgiving break and on Jan. 4 to discuss new charges facing event organizers.

The new charges include room reservations, a labor fee to move any furniture into or around the reserved spaces and fees for any additional equipment used. This month, it also became clear that organizers requesting reconfigurations of spaces such as the Firstenburg Student Commons would be charged for each chair and table already on site.

As of last year, throughout the Portland metro area, WSU Vancouver was the only college that had not implemented event set up fees. The new fees reflect the costs associated with facilities personnel who provide labor necessary to stage most events on campus.

The costs for event set up have been published on WSU Vancouver’s website. The event price guide outlines the costs for varying levels of work and space. Package A is completely free and uses an existing room set up. Package D, however, allots two hours’ worth of labor and provides assistance, building access and additional furnishing for the event. Package D costs $150 per space.

Indoor and outdoor tabling under Package E will cost $45. According to some club representatives, this may mean a decline in events throughout the school year, as these charges will be paid for from the budgets of clubs. The concern of some student leaders, including organizers of Black People United and other active clubs, is that their annual budgets were created before the event charging system was enacted, and therefore the budgets may not allow for the extra expense.

Facilities Operations will implement the new event pricing system at the beginning of the spring semester, with outdoor tabling fees coming in March. For more information, contact Nikki Hinshaw, assistant director of student activities, at nikki_hinshaw@wsu.edu or Michelle McIlvoy, director of student development, at mmcilvoy@wsu.edu. The full pricing list can be found at https://admin.vancouver.wsu.edu/events-office/documents-and-guides.

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