Changes to the ASWSUV election codes continue

During the course of the past two weeks, the Washington State University Vancouver senate has been discussing making changes to the election codes, which will be implemented for the elections this spring.

The new Elections Board Chairman Michael White said that the biggest problem with the current election process is that “there is no finality,” proposing candidates turn in their finance reports Mar. 9. There will then be a meeting on Mar. 13 to contest any grievances candidates may have in order to handle the elections in a “timely manner.” White does not want anything to carry over into spring break, saying, “it’s unproductive for losing candidates to spend seven days wondering [whether] or [not] my opponent should have done this.” White also said that winning candidates “should be [using this time] preparing for the transition” and that it makes the judicial board’s job more difficult, as “two weeks to file grievances doesn’t serve the university.”

Senator Ilana Brown did not agree with White’s proposal regarding the finance reports, because the deadline would be unfair to the candidate. “You want to shake as many hands as you can and those [funds] deplete really quickly,” Brown said, as well as saying that if someone loses an election because they “had to meet a deadline, that’s not really fair.”

Several other senators agreed with White’s proposal, including Senator Breanna Shores who said, “If you’re going to be on student government you should be conscious of the [due] date.” White said that if a candidate does not turn in their report on time, and that “In the constitution, the only real crime that you can commit is a violation of campus finance reports,” the only result being to nullify that candidate’s candidacy.

Featured Cartoon by Gregory Walker

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