Cost of Super Bowl commercials reaches $4 million for 30 seconds

It is that time of year again. We have reached the end of the National Football League season, culminating into one glorious Sunday afternoon filled with friends, family, football, food and of course, the commercials.

The commercials will be remembered long after the game is over. They have spawned heroes such as the eTrade baby and the Darth Vader kid. Their slogans have been handed down through generations. In 2013 commercials during the Super Bowl cost advertisers $40 million for every 30 seconds of air time.

According to CBS, a 30-second spot averaged $3.8 million this year, and some sold for higher. That price is up from $3 million in 2011 and $3.5 million in 2012. Viewers expect to be well entertained by the usual beer, car and Doritos commercials.

This year there were even commercials advertising Super Bowl commercials, commercials for commercials airing right after the Ravens and the 49ers each won their conference games.

With an average of 111 million viewers for each of the past two Super Bowls it is no wonder companies are willing to pay inflated prices to see their ad air during the Super Bowl. Over 60 companies paid for more than 47 total minutes of ad time in 2012.

If you missed a commercial or just need to see it again, websites to find super bowl commercials include, superbowl-commercials.org and superbowl-ads.com.  Past Super Bowl commercials also can be viewed by their year’s airdate from these sites. So don’t worry, even is you miss the game, you won’t miss a single commercial.

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