Cougs camp out for the 2016 Salmon Creek Journal launch

The 2016 Salmon Creek Journal Launch was an event held to celebrate the release of the 2016 edition of the Salmon Creek Journal. The event featured an appearance of a guest speaker, awards, food and refreshments all leading up to the unveiling of this year’s journal.

The launch took place April 27th in the Firstenburg Student Commons. Students mingled around tables where stacks of gift-wrapped journals were available for attendees to take and later open. Each table was decorated with pinecones and twigs that encompassed this year’s outdoor camping theme.

Furthering the outdoors theme, students were able to take home a Polaroid picture of themselves huddled around a paper fire at a small campsite set up in the commons. Koug Radio played music as students arrived and found their seats. Shortly after, while enjoying food and refreshments, guest speaker Susan Finley discussed the meaning of arts based research and the way art is used to interact in the world.

Finley said, “Some things are better said through [a] type of art. We have to know the world through all of our senses, using art to read the world.”

Following the keynote speaker students who submitted work to the journal for publication were awarded with the editor’s choice in the categories of visual arts, performing arts, prose and poetry.

The winners were “Thirteen Minutes” by Lucas Wiseman for prose, “Yellow” by Grace Elizabeth Edwards for visual arts, “Tadasana” by Stephanie Pisarek for poetry and “Kakistocracy: A Morality Play” by Jaymes Condon for performing arts.

Senior Jennifer Schwartz, the journal’s poetry editor, expressed appreciation for the hard work that was put into making the journal as well as the bittersweet feeling of this being her last year at WSU Vancouver.

“It has been life-changing to be a part of SCJ for two terms,” Schwartz said. “It has shown my true calling in pursuing publishing as a career, including to aid in expressing diverse and unique poetic voices that have difficulty finding the light.”

Stop by and pick up your copy of the newest version of the Salmon Creek Journal in the OSI Office and keep a look out for open submissions for next year.

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