Dear Truly

I sit here writing to you today buried under the things stacked all around me on my desk. My desk is a disaster, and possibly related my life/academics are also a mess. I am not sure what to do. I have piles of schoolwork, piles of my extra curricular work and piles of my work stuff. At this point I don’t even think there is any method to my madness.

I find that I can take on a lot of different things and I don’t really seem to have a problem getting most of it done. Sometimes, however, things get a little out of control and I go off the deep end of getting nothing done. I guess what I am trying to say to you is that I am not too organized and sometimes things in my life get too busy.

I don’t think my disorganization is that big of a problem but I think my friends and family are about to stage an intervention.




Dear Truly,

I am in the middle of what some people are calling the midterm mellows. The weather sucks, people suck and I feel like I have been in the semester forever and am never going to make it to the end. I know that I only have a few weeks left but I feel tired and ready to quit. Usually, at this point in the semester I am just bearing down and working through the rest of my tests and assignments but I am feeling really burned out. I think the biggest issue I am having is that I am about to graduate in a couple of weeks here. A lot of my friends and professors keep saying that this situation I am in is called not only the midterm mellows but also seniorites. I find myself spending 5 hours or more watching Netflix when I should be studying or spending hours crafting. What is wrong with me, I have classes to pass and no motivation to even crack a book while I am stuffing my face with artesian treats?




Dear Buried and Senioritis,


I hope you can hear me from under your piles of papers Buried-you are not alone. Many people, including yours truly, struggle with keeping everything organized. Our lives are full of activity and those activities create a lot of papers to be sorted! Senioritis, I too am a senior and totally feel your pain at the half way point of the term!

Do you currently use a planner? That can help you track when assignments are due or when important work deadlines. They are also a great way to help you manage your time and make to-do lists. The SRC puts on several success skills workshops including time management and I encourage you to attend one. You can also put exciting upcoming dates like spring break and graduation to keep you motivated to work hard.

Another thing to consider is how you use your down time or time that is less structured. Instead of reading for leisure at home, why not read on your bus ride home or listen to a fun audiobook while you drive? Taking time off of studying for something you enjoy is a good thing but like anything, should be monitored for time so you are not spending too much time away from your work.

In both of your situations, keeping your desk or study space well organized is key. Does your desk have a lot of distractions like magazines, craft supplies or movies? Move the items you think may distract you off your desk and somewhere you can’t easily see them from your desk. Are all your school papers in a heap? Take an hour or less and some folders or binders and sort the papers by class. It may take some time but will be helpful when you are searching for a document later on. Does your desk serve as a dumping zone for papers in your space? Find a way to sort documents that you know you can keep up. Another trick I have used is to turn the wifi off on your laptop while studying. If you really need to go on the internet for study, you can easily turn it back on but if you don’t, having to turn it back on can be a way for you to pause and think- do I really need to get online? Make sure your study place is well lit and quiet enough for you to get work done. If you need music, I recommend putting on a cd or a playlist you know you like all the songs on. If you have to pause to change songs, it can take you from studying and instead spending time picking a song. Have a healthy snack nearby if you need one-eating a healthy snack while studying will help you stay focused. I like string cheese and fruit while studying.

Happy Organizing and Studying!

Yours, Truly

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