Disability awareness gets artsy

Disability Awareness Month was in full swing as the Student Diversity Center celebrated awareness the art way. The theme this year was “More than meets the I” and worked to raise awareness for both external and internal disabilities.

Students were able to visit the Diversity Center any day last week and make a collage of their internal self. To participate, a student chose a pre-made silhouette that they most identify with. Once chosen, the student grabbed magazines and clipped out images that best represent the hidden side of their personality.

After gathering enough images, they then glued them inside their chosen silhouette to show off the sides of themselves they kept hidden from the world. Amanda Shannahan said that this project was a fun way to let off steam and relax, especially because of midterm stress.

These collages were much more than simple art projects. They were intended to represent the hidden struggles people who have disabilities face, especially those who suffer from invisible disabilities.

Invisible disabilities are disabilities that cannot be seen by the naked eye. People who have invisible disabilities often struggle to get recognition by official programs for assistance in finances, work and school.

To learn more about disabilities, Disability Awareness Month and/or to participate in the art project, head over to the Diversity Center, located in the Firstenburg Student Commons or contact Amanda Shannahan at amanda.shannahan@wsu.edu.


If you attended this workshop and have photos you want to share, send them to Auz Burger at vancougso@wsu.edu and you may see them on our website.

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