Everyone’s favorite topic: Healthcare, part II

There are several healthcare options for students enrolled at WSU Vancouver. The general plan, the assistantship plan (for graduate students) and the summer plan.  Under these options, coverage is available for spouses and dependents. Note, the health- care options offered by the school may or may not meet the dollar minimum set forth by the Affordable Care Act. You should review the size of the insurance policy you purchase to make sure it’s within the standards of the law.

To be eligible to enroll in the general health plan, students have to be enrolled in at least 7 credit hours. (Be aware that insurance enrollment for fall term is close, the next enrollment period will be spring term.) To enroll, students need to visit healthweb.wsu.edu, or use the option available to them during class registration. It’s paramount that students make the premium payments on time. You can neither receive, nor have any claims processed unless the payments are current. Students, who enroll in the healthcare plan, have until 13 days into class to cancel their plan. Students, who fail to withdraw by that exact date, are considered enrolled in the pro- gram and owe the premium payment every month.

WSU Vancouver offers health insurance to graduate students through their graduate student’s assistantship plan. Graduate students who maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and are enrolled in at least 10 credit hours are automatically en- rolled in the program.

International students and graduate students who begin studying at WSU Vancouver during the summer sessions are eligible to purchase insurance until fall enrollment opens up. To do this, they need to fill out the Summer GAP Enrollment Form.

Beginning October 1, students will be able to purchase government subsidized healthcare off the federally mandated state health care exchange. All students need to do is visit wahealthplanner.org, and start shopping the available healthcare plans. Then, they can figure out if they’re available for financial help. Then compare the plans, insurance can be chosen by students on the grounds of what- ever is important to them whether it be cost, choice, etc. Once students find a plan that meets their needs, they’re covered.

To conclude, there are a variety of healthcare options available to students and they should take full advantage of them as after all, your health is your most important asset.

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