Exclusive interview with ASWSUV president and vice-president elect

Becoming elected ASWSUV president and vice president isn’t easy, but becoming elected twice? Well that’s rare for WSU Vancouver. With the election controversy at an end, ASWSUV president and vice-president elect, Shavey Winters and Pauline Ramos, gave an exclusive interview with The VanCougar to share their plans for next year and how they will prepare for the challenges ahead.

Now that the special election is over, what’s next?

“First of all we’ve released the applications for our executive staff. Applications are due April 17 and you can find them online at aswsuv.com or pick one up from the Office of Student Involvement. Job descriptions can also be found at aswsuv.com. We’ve also met with the current ASWSUV president and vice-president to discuss our goals and aspirations. We want a smooth transition and we want to build on what’s already been started here.”

What has top priority on your agenda for next year?

“We want to increase the visibility of ASWSUV so that everyone can have a productive campus experience. We want ASWSUV to be out in the open and not just tucked away in the office. Second of all, we want to have trainings for clubs and increase their visibility. We want to get incoming freshman and transfer students hooked up with the appropriate RSO that fits their needs and interest. Lastly, we want to build off successful events that are already in place. We want to continue events that were huge successes like the Senate Health Week and Family Weekend. We also want to release newsletters so we can stay actively engaged with the student body.”

Do you have anything to say to people who maybe didn’t vote for your candidacy and do you have any idea of how to reach out to them?

“We welcome everyone no matter whom they supported because at the end of the day every candidate that ran, just wanted to support and improve the student body. We want to connect with them because we’re stronger together. At the end of the day we just want to serve you and help address your needs and concerns.”

Do you have any plans to amend the by-laws after the challenges that occurred this election season?

“We want to put an active check on the power of the judicial board. We want to revise the by-laws so that one branch doesn’t have too much power. What we would like to see is that if the Judicial Board invalidates an election, there would also have to be a majority vote by the Senate. This will give people better representation so that we never have a repeat of what happened this year. ”

Any closing words you want to give to the student body?

“We’re really excited about being elected and reelected. We just want to let the students know that their voices have been heard and we’re excited to get started. Our doors are always open so feel free to come talk to us.”

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