Experiencing fainting at the sight of math formulas? The QSC can help!

For any fellow Cougs that are struggling to find the answers to any problems mathematical in nature, the tutors at the Quantitative Skills Center (QSC) work to help answer them. The QSC offers both a space for students to study as well as providing access to tutors, who work to help any students taking classes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and statistics. The QSC did not always offer both the amount of space or level of assistance as it does now, though. Joe Randall, the director of the QSC and a math instructor at WSU Vancouver; started as an adjunct in 2006, and noticed that there was not enough space for students enrolled in math-based courses to use. In 2007, Randall, along with other instructors, began to provide alternating days and times to tutor students in various rooms across campus. In 2008, Randall took the half-time position as an instructor and part time as the director of the Quantitative Skills Center, which was initially located where the fitness center now exists. After a brief time spent in the library next to the writing center, the Quantitative Skills Center was relocated to its current location, the Undergrad Building in room 102.

Asked about his objective for the QSC, Randall said that, “There are many students that are able to understand math in their lectures, who have a really good background somewhere in their past, and require little to no help. With that said there are many students that do not get enough understanding in their lectures and classes. They do not have enough time to visit their instructors during their office hours either, and so they require more time and help” A study conducted last year on how students usage of the QSC impacted their class grades showed 70% of students that use the center acknowledging that the help they received had improved their grades. Kourtney Foley, an environmental science major, said “If it were not for the skills center I would not have the grade I have in my class right now.”

Whereas they started out with only one computer and three desks, the center has grown to nine computers and seats around 42 students.  Despite the increased accommodations, the center still fills up quickly with students looking for assistance on their homework and in-class materials. The staff who work to help students at the QSC do so tirelessly each day to provide the assistance that is needed. Despite the problems that students and staff spend varying amounts of time working on; smiles,  jokes, and laughter are common any time the center is open.

For students looking for assistance with any mathematics classes in the upcoming weeks, tutors will be there to help Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.. For assistance with other subjects students can go either online to WSU Vancouver’s website and find the schedule, or they can go to the QSC in VUB Room 102 where the posted hours for each subject can also be found.

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