Fort Vancouver hosts Military History Talk

On Thursday, June 16, the Fort Vancouver National Trust host a talk about the Oregon Trail and mass human migrations. The Vancouver Barracks Military Association will present the talk, and Bruce Mulkey is the speaker. Mulkey will examine the issues of the Oregon Trail and migration from a political viewpoint, so that attendees can consider the current global immigration situation and how their actions might affect the future of immigration and government policy.

The event is free to the public, however patrons will need to RSVP by emailing president@vbma.us. This event will take place at the Marshall House, located at 1301 Officers Row. The event begins at 6:30 p.m., and will be approximately an hour in length.

Mulkey said that there will be a Power Point presentation “focusing on the impact of mass human migrations.” Mulkey will examine historical immigration on the Oregon Trail into the Vancouver area to establish a framework for “analyzing and assessing common characteristics and consistencies” with modern immigration patterns. These patterns “will then be used to assess the immigration patterns along the US south west boarder and also the immigration crisis in the European Union.”

Presenters of the talk expect to focus much attention on issues concerning life in the 21st century. Mulkey stated that “Today, the United States and other European countries face what they see as a migration crisis brought on by events in the Middle East, Africa and Southwest Asia, as well as Central and Latin America.”

Mulkey will look at the phenomena of the Oregon Trail, as it compares to the current situation, its causes, events and consequences. He will also examine the physical realities, immigrant expectations, and the role of governments in meeting the realities of migration situations.

For more information on the Military History Talk, please contact the Fort Vancouver National Trust at events@fortvan.org or by visiting the Fort Vancouver National Trust event calendar at fortvan.org/events/interactive-calendar.html.

Photo Credit: Military History Talks, courtesy of Fort Vancouver

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