Getting close to graduation? Advisors can help

As midterms conclude and students come closer to completing Fall Semester, graduation may be a particularly inviting thought. In order to apply for an undergraduate degree, 90 credits must be completed and certified in the major before completing the online application.

Students should meet with their advisor to confirm that the qualifications have been met through the advisement report or degree audit.  While students can check credits on their own, advisors can help students understand all the requirements and get a better grasp of their options.

Students can access this information through their Student Center in their MyWSU account during any time throughout the school year. Here students can explore the “What If” report, which outlines the requirements necessary for the intended major and list those that have and have not been satisfied.

Students can also find out how credits earned from community colleges and the running start program can be applied to their declared major at Washington State University Vancouver. Using this tool, students can see the credits that have been transferred and can become aware of what criteria they meet at WSU Vancouver.

Navigating and comprehending this page can be difficult – Mary Stender, one of the academic coordinators on campus, said, “The biggest challenge for students is knowing how to read their degree audit and track the requirements.”

The degree audit is an efficient way to stay up to date with what is required in each specific major. Stender also said, “[Students] have to be certified in your major” in order to be eligible to graduate. Although it is not required from all colleges to meet with an advisor, it is highly recommended to gain clarity on qualification standing.

For more information regarding the requirements and qualifications for graduating students, visit the university’s website at http://catalog.wsu.edu/Vancouver/AcademicRegulations.

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Photo Credit: Amanda Flynn

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