Guest speakers lecture about women and science

Washington State University Vancouver will have its first installment of the women’s studies lecture series beginning Jan. 28. The lecture series will discuss the topic of women in the science and technology field. It will include the equality of women in the science and technology field as well as promote social justice toward women. Each lecture will take place on its assigned day from 12-1:15 p.m. at the Multimedia Classroom Building, Room 6.

The lecture series includes four guest speakers. Lisa Weasel, associate professor of women, gender, and sexual studies at Portland State University, heads up the first lecture on Jan. 28 titled, “Feminist Science Studies in the Postgenomic Era: Epistemology, Methodology, and Pedagogy.” Weasel has a background in science and earned her doctoral degree in cell and molecular biology from the University of Cambridge in 1993.

The second lecture will occur on Feb. 25 and the guest speaker is Sri Craven, associate professor of women, gender, and sexual studies. Craven is a professor at PSU as well. The second lecture is called “A Panel of Women and IT: Globally Located Perspective.” In this particular lecture, Craven will discuss women in the IT industry, which will include how women are viewed in the industry and whether or not women experience discrimination in this field.

The guest speaker for the third lecture titled, “Social Justice and Older Women in the Acute Care Setting,” on Mar. 10 is Troy Kindy. Kindy is a licensed clinical social worker from the department of care management at Oregon Health and Science University. In this lecture, Kindy will discuss women’s roles as clinical social workers as well as about transference of issues between caregivers and their clients.

The fourth lecture will take place on Apr 21. The speaker on that day will be Luz María Gordillo, associate professor and program leader of critical culture, gender, and race studies at WSU Vancouver. Gordillo’s lecture is called “Women in Paleoanthropology: One Cavewoman’s Encounter with Homo naledi”

Gordillo is not only the speaker for the fourth event, but she is also the organizer of the lecture series. According to Gordillo, the lecture series is sponsored by a grant which she applied for from the diversity council. Gordillo is passionate about women’s studies and involving women in the world of science and technology. One of Gordillo’s reasons for being so passionate about this is she believes that women are not at the same level as men in the world of science and technology. “It is important that girls lose the fear of science and technology.” Gordillo said.

Students who have more questions about the women’s lectures series can contact Luz María Gordillo via email at gordillo@wsu.edu.

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