Ice, snow and more ice blasts the Portland metro area

In the worst winter storm to hit the Portland metro area since 2008, Clark County residents struggled to keep up with the mounting snow. Close to a foot of the white precipitation blanketed both hills and valleys as temperatures plummeted to single digits in some areas. This winter wonderland soon gave way to an icy trap for motorists – one laid by none other than Mother Nature.

Across Vancouver and Portland, cars lined highways and parking lots as some drivers abandoned their vehicles to get home safely. Metro, TriMet and C-Tran routes were limited or shut down completely as the snowfall began to exceed predictions. And many residents and city services were unprepared to deal with the onslaught.

With record-setting precipitation in place, the mercury continued to drop. Fluffy drifts became a solid sheet of ice, making already treacherous roads impassable. Schools and businesses closed their doors to prevent injuries and keep people indoors.

According to The Weather Channel, the systems impacting Vancouver and Portland came in three waves over a period of 10 days. The storms have been dubbed Iras, Jupiter and Kori. Iras was the first to hit, bringing less than an inch of snow and ice. Jupiter was the biggest storm, bringing close to a foot of snow. Then Kori capped off the deluge with about an inch of ice. These three storms created a layered effect of ice – snow – ice that became particularly dangerous as it thawed out.

With help from friends and neighbors, all but the most vulnerable metro area residents survived what the VanCougar is calling Snowmageddon 2017. It is a week in local history many won’t soon forget.

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