Ideas that will make your Spring 2013 memorable

Are you ready to take a peek beyond your textbooks this upcoming spring break? For many of us, the approaching break is nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Many college students begin to receive scolding from family and friends, especially at mid-semester, concerning their absence from all social events. These are the sacrifices made willingly by persistent students, but every once in a while it’s OK to splurge a little on a social activity and relax.

Consider taking your weeklong intermission to reconnect with family and socialize with friends. Put homework aside for a couple days during the week. The parting will leave you feeling truly rested and ready for school once the semester resumes.

One student, Emily Gruenberg, an education junior, is using Spring Break as an opportunity to visit a good friend who has drifted miles away. Gruenberg is going out of her way this spring break to reconnect.

“I’m going to New Mexico to visit my best friend, Debra. I’m so excited!” said, Gruenberg.

Teresa Lane, a sophomore majoring in humanities, is also leaving Vancouver to visit a friend.

“For Spring Break I am going to visit my best friend who goes to school at the Evergreen state college in Olympia, Washington.”

There are options beyond visiting family and friends for Spring Break, as well. One option for students, only 35 miles east of Vancouver, is a luxurious hot springs resort-perfect for a spontaneous getaway. Bonneville Hot Springs is packed full of relaxation and amenities.

Make Spring Break 2013 memorable. If not visiting family and friends or a local resort, head out of town, travel somewhere you’ve never been. Take advantage of your time off. It’ll be over before you know it.

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