Ilana Brown – Senatorial Candidate

ilana brownHow do you see/what do you think this position does?
Student Government serves as a liaison between students and the administration. Senators serve and represent and make decisions on behalf of students. Senators create a budget of student funds for clubs and programs.

What made you decide to run?
I have always been passionate about serving the community.

What is your platform?
Campus and community involvement. There are great opportunities and events on campus and out in our community that I would enjoy seeing our students utilize and benefit from.

What is something you would like to see change this year?
More student involvement in our community. Before we graduate and seek jobs, I think it is important that we form a network in the workforce to help us attain jobs.

How do you plan and currently communicate to the students?
Word of mouth and social media

Why should student vote for you?
I’m passionate about the community of students we have on campus. I think we should have leaders that can work well with others, find common ground and find solutions. I’m someone who can collaborate, and make decisions based on facts and not on emotions.

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