Koug Radio expands but still boxed in

Students can host their own radio show on campus relating to (almost) anything their heart desires, as long as it doesn’t violate Federal Communications Commission regulations. On the east end of campus in the Undergraduate Building, behind the Quantitative Skills Center is, the student run, KOUG radio.
The station operates in a space normally reserved for an instructor’s office and has nearly doubled their staff size within the year. According to Erica Zutz, the station manager and student majoring in public affairs, despite their limited space she has a wealth of ideas to expand the reach of KOUG radio online.
For more variety into the station’s programming, KOUG radio has added more DJs this semester than ever before. They have approximately 30 DJs covering a variety of musical styles as well as various talk shows. Along with adding more DJs, the
station is working to expand their presence on social media.
Their Facebook page has information on upcoming events along with quips relating to student life.
Currently their Facebook page has 344 likes; Erica would like to increase that number.
Students can access KOUG’s Facebook by visiting facebook.com/kougradiolive.
Even as the station staff has expanded, there are some serious physical and technical limitations on what KOUG can achieve, according to Zutz. Zutz shared some of the challenges faced by KOUG’s current location within the math lab.
Inside KOUG radio’s office music is played, outside in the Quantitative Skills Center, people are working on their math and science. As a consequence, live music cannot be played on air, as it would disturb those studying.
Additionally, KOUG’s live airtime is limited because the station in located within the Quantitative Skills Center and their hours are tied to the center’s open schedule.
The math tutor lab is open Monday through Thursday 9 to 5 p.m., and Fridays 9 to 3p.m. These are the only hours that the station can be open, the rest of the time they play, what Zutz calls, a continuous music loop. This time/space restriction means KOUG cannot be live on the weekends of host late night shows when FCC regulations are loosened.
“We both have difference working styles but my DJ’s use the math lab often. I think in order for KOUG to grow competitively with other campuses we need our own room.
In Pullman, they have over 70 DJ’s and they can be on air anytime. Right now we have a waiting list for next semester,” said Zutz.
Essentially, Zutz says that KOUG radio wants to be a full-time radio station, but canonly be part-time.
While KOUG works to address their limitations, the organizatiion is confident and excited to have expanded their staff/DJ’s and hopes to continue to recruit students to sign-up for their own radio show. To connect with KOUG radio about a show or any other questions, email Erica Zutz, station manager, at manager@kougradio.com.
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