Land of endless involvement opportunities, join or start a club with CougSync

WSU Vancouver is home to a variety of clubs and student organizations. Any student can sign in to CougSync and count 19 academic organizations, six recreational clubs, three religious/spiritual associations, and three governance boards. Clubs and activities are an easy way to network with people who share interests and majors.

“Clubs and student activities are key to an involved campus,” said Daniel Nguyen, ASWSUV president and a senior majoring in biology and psychology.

Anyone may join a club, but many students do not realize they can start a club.

The process to create a campus club is straightforward:

The RSO handbook is available through CougSync. Look in the “files” folder of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) profile. This document specifies the timeline, details and process of creating a club.

First, the new club’s leader(s) must set up the club’s profile on CougSync.

  • Log-in or create a log-in at Orgsync.com
  • From the CougSync homepage, students should select “Browse Organizations,” then, on the upper right corner, select “New Organization.” This step will open a form that asks for the following information: purpose of the club, meetings places and times and primary student contact for the club.

Every club must have a faculty or staff advisor whose name and contact information must be posted in the club’s CougSync profile.

The club must create and upload a constitution describing how the club will function.

WSU Vancouver students represent student diversity. Photo by Cyndie Meyer.

From left: Esmy Farias, senior majoring in human development, Shavey Winters, junior majoring in public affairs, Annielle Levitt, senior majoring in social sciences representing student diversity. Photo by Cyndie Meyer.

A minimum of five students must actively join the club through CougSync and two club members must attend the Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and CougSync orientations.

After the above requirements are met, the club may access and reserve space on campus for events and meetings. Each new club receives $200 in Services and Activities fees to support its operation.

OSI manager, Michelle McIlvoy, works closely with student organizations.

“I encourage people to go on CougSync and see what is there,” McIlvoy said.

McIlvoy supports CougSync as an effective student link, not only to clubs, but to other opportunities on campus such as job openings, internships and campus events.

Visit wsuv.orgsync.com to sign up, create a student profile, and start browsing.

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