Letter to the Editor

Following groundbreaking legislation passed on the November’s ballot, WSU’s Office of Student Standards and Accountability sent out an email to remind the campus community of WSU’s policy on marijuana use. This policy includes a prohibition of “the use, possession, and distribution of medical marijuana.”

I find it disturbing that a state university in a state making significant progress in individual and patient rights has chosen to support a crumbling, controversial Federal position rather than backing a strongly supported state law. While unrestricted access to recreational marijuana in campus buildings is probably counter to our educational mission, it seems to me that the WSU community is sophisticated enough to get past all/none thinking. Marijuana prescribed by doctors differs greatly from recreational use, although both were validated by voters in Washington. Washington residents clearly feel that medical decisions should be made by doctors, yet WSU’s failure to revise policy suggests that our campus disagrees. It seems to me that health and wellness have lost out at WSU as these decisions are being kept/taken away from medical professionals.

I sincerely hope that those with the power to set WSU policy consider the message that our current policies send to the residents of the state of Washington. It makes me very sad that voters concerned about patients’ rights, increased access to resources, and healthcare justice have had their voices ignored by their own state university leaders.

-Michael Sutcliffe

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