Lights, Camera, and Action: WSU Vancouver has a theater club, who knew?

Many students may not be aware that there is a Theater Club at Washington State University Vancouver. According to Theater Club founder and psychology major Zak Campbell, the Theater Club has been on campus for two semesters.  Theater Club began as a starting point to Campbell’s goal: to become a theater professor.

Campbell stated that when he walked onto the WSU Vancouver campus and realized there was no theater club, he decided to create one. After visiting the Office of Student Involvement he talked to student activities advisor Nikki Hinshaw and registered the Theater Club on CougSync, the online hub for WSU Vancouver students, faculty and registered student organizations.

Campbell has been involved in theater for 11 years and has known that he wanted to perform for the rest of his life since he first worked in theatre. According to Campbell, this is why he was determined to establish a Theater Club at WSU Vancouver.

In early February the Theater Club began an advertising campaign to recruit more members. The club has been working on their own “A-frame”: a black board featuring descriptions of activities placed near campus walkways. Additionally, Theater Club has been working to advertise on the campus electronic reader boards and are currently editing a radio commercial to be aired on KOUG radio.

Computer science major and secretary of Theater Club, Audrey Ramberg, told the VanCougar that she found learned about the Theater Club through the WSU Vancouver Involvement Fair. Ramberg chose to join Theater Club because she has been involved with theater since High School where she learned stage management. Ramberg began performing at WSU Vancouver last fall. She enjoyed it and wants to continue performing. Ramberg is very excited and thinks that Theater Club has a lot of potential. She intends to continue recruiting people for Theater Club through word of mouth.

Campbell concluded that he is currently working with two directors to produce a two act play called “I hate Hamlet,” which is scheduled for the end of spring semester.

The auditions for “I hate Hamlet” were held on March 5 and March 6 and were directed by Zoe Ford. Another event held by Theater Club was Zombie Day on March 1.

At Zombie Day, students had their faces painted by David Hitt, a professional make-up artist. Students also learned how to act like zombies while the club screened the film “28 Days Later.” Zombie Day also featured Tom Anderson, director of an upcoming film “Loss of Lives.” Students and faculty interested in performing as zombies in this film can contact Anderson’s assistant Tiffany Kelm at daaebje@gmail.com, (360) 907-5969 or through their Facebook page at facebook.com/mahilum-films.

Zombie Day was held in an effort to recruit members for Theater Club and, in addition to giving zombie acting lessons for Anderson’s upcoming film, the six-hour event was held to allow for students to attend the event who may not have been able to otherwise.

According to Campbell, he has decided to teach theater in the form of lectures to the club members during the meetings. Campbell said he wants to teach strategies in preparing for auditions, and researching scenes performing monologues. Campbell added that he also wants to work one-on-one with anyone who is interested in theater to help WSU Vancouver students and faculty improve their theater skills.

Students and faculty interested in joining Theater Club, or who have questions about club events are encouraged to contact Campbell at wsutheaterfounder@gmail.com

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