Money for student organization events collects dust

ASWSUV Senator Alex Feytser is worried about money. He said thousands of dollars set aside in the ASWSUV budget for funding student club events has been under-utilized this year.

Student-run clubs on the WSU Vancouver campus are allocated a start-up allowance of $200 each academic year, yet much of the money goes unclaimed. Feytser said $15,167 remain in the allocation pool for club events this year.

“Some clubs don’t know they have funds available and can request additional funds [from ASWSUV]” said Feytser, a freshman majoring in biology. “If clubs want to organize activities, that first $200 is a great start. After a club has used the money, they can request more.”

Feytser said some clubs request more than others. He believes this an indication that some student leaders understand how to use the funding request system, while others do not.

Feytser recommends the ASWSUV web page to club leaders who need financial support for an event. There they will find the funding request documents they need to complete and submit to the senate.

Although it is not an easy one-step process, the funding request system is set up to ensure that events which benefit Cougs are well-planned and successful, Feytser said.

Reviewing and approving event funding is a key function of the senate, said Feytser, and next year’s budget proposal includes additional senate hours dedicated to this activity.

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