Nick Vissotzky is Serious about Booze

Nick Vissotzky graduated from WSU Vancouver in the summer of 2012 with a degree in Humanities. It’s fair to say that his post-college story, however, is unlike that of anyone else in his graduating class.

It all started before Vissotzky was born, when a serious motorcycle accident kept his father, John, bedridden for about a year. John’s  back was broken in over a dozen different places. It seemed there was nothing for Vissotzky’s father to do but to fill his dull hours with fascinating accounts of America’s historical ban on alcohol. The books sparked an unexpected interest in prohibition. Unbeknownst to him, the motorcycle accident set off a turn of events that would lead to the creation of a strong family tradition.

The books that John Vissotzky read on bed rest piqued his interest in distilling and, at age 20, he got permission from his mother to make a still out of their home pressure cooker. Here it all began. Little did they know, distilling would soon become a successful, multigenerational family business.

Vissotzky’s father got serious about booze after 35 years of working as an appraiser, and founded the Double V Distillery in Battle Ground with his brother in 2010. He has become accustomed to business in the small town of Battle Ground.

“[Being a part of a small community] makes you want to support the community,” says John Vissotzky.

Double V Distillery selected the Craft License for their company because of its direct link to Washington State growers. The family selects Washington-grown corn and barley and some crops from within about a mile radius of WSU Pullman. The Vissotzkys make their alcohol in Battle Ground, just twenty minutes from the WSU Vancouver campus.

Just as the Vissotzky’s strive to stay loyal to their community, they are loyal to their school. Everyone involved in Double V Distillery was, and always will be, a Cougar.

Nick Vissotzky’s father is a WSU alumni with a Sociology degree and his uncle graduated from WSU as well, with a degree in Hospitality. All of John Vissotzky’s brothers, sisters and children have ties to WSU. Double V Distillery is Coug through-and-through.

Drinks from Double V Distillery are offered at many local bars and restaurants. The alcohol is completely made from scratch with local, organic, GMO free corn and barley.

“There is a common trend in distilleries today to purchase neutral grain spirits out of Canada then use that as a base for their alcohols We do not do that,” said Vissotzky.

“We use CARL  stills out of Germany and we have two column towers,” said Vissotzky.

Anyone can drop in for a tour, and for those over 21 years of age, the tasting room is a great place to sample alcohols. Double V Distillery is open every Wednesday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m., and Saturday’s from noon to 3 p.m.. Those of age should be sure to try their Craft Vodka. Support our fellow Cougs.

What:  Double V Distillery

Where: 1315 SE Grace Avenue Suite 118, Battle Ground, WA

When: Weds-Fri 12-6, Sat 12-3

More Info: Facebook.com/doublevdistillery


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