Nouspace Gallery showcases digital art and archives

Galleries and art museums usually make certain their visitors never touch the exhibits. Not so at Nouspace Gallery. The invitation to touch, manipulate and interact with art is one of the things that makes Nouspace Gallery so… well, new.

Nouspace is an interactive multi-media art gallery and lounge housed within North Bank Artists Gallery, 1005 Main Street in downtown Vancouver. It was created by WSU Vancouver Associate Professor Dene Grigar, director of the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program, and her husband and CMDC faculty member, John Barber.

Grigar said she first developed the concept of a virtual archive in 1997 and designed the original gallery on her home computer. When she and Barber relocated to Vancouver, she put the project on hold while she focused on building the CMDC Program. Last year, she decided to re-visit the idea.

NouSpace ExhibitNouspace is a digital archive of creative expression by various artists. As the gallery’s main curator, Grigar said she chooses artists whose work best fits the overall theme. The current installation, titled “3 + 3,” features works by Angela Ferraiolo, Maria Mencia and Jody Zellen. It will be on exhibit until the end of October.

“I want us to move along in the 21st century, embrace new technology and make a difference in modern exhibits” Grigar said. “[We want] to include artists from all around the world and allow others to see the art pieces personally.”

North Bank Artists Gallery notes on its website that Nouspace includes “a range of exhibits from mobile media works, to video installations, to 3D art  and pioneering electronic literature.”

In January, Nouspace will begin featuring live performances on Fridays. Once or twice each year, Grigar said the gallery will also exhibit student works.

Nouspace is free to the public. For more information about Nouspace events and exhibits, visit dtc-wsuv.org/wp/nouspace/.

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