Peter Collier – Vice President Candidate

logoHow do you see/what do you think this position does?

The position of Vice President works in direct relation with the Senate to allocate funds to clubs, activities, and other programs on and around campus. Furthermore it is the joint obligation of president and vice president to make sure the college experience is as positive as it can be for all faculty, staff, and students.

What made you decide to run?

It is my belief that not all individuals on campus are represented as well as they could be. My mission is to make the services of ASWSUV available for all students, not just the ones that choose to get involved.

What is your platform?

Our mission statement is to “Inspire others to dream creatively and to live with a purpose”. What this means to students is each student ought to have the opportunity to have amazing experience at WSU Vancouver and we plan on facilitating this for every student. Furthermore we plan to do this through connecting with students, inspiring them through events and research opportunities, and finally creating new avenues for students to obtain resources to be successful.

What is something you would like to see change this year?

I would like to see more non-traditional students getting engaged with student government along with graduate students. Currently we only have a handful of both of these groups involved. The crazy part is the primary group on campus is non-traditional students, yet they are underrepresented in student government.

How do you plan and currently communicate to the students?

Communicating cannot be emails, letter, and other non-personal avenues to engage students. It is our plan to truly get in front of our students by reaching out to all demographics. How we plan to do this is working with ALL student leaders to develop a system of student leaders speaking before classes and with more students about all events, policies, and things happening around campus.

Why should student vote for you?

Students should vote for David Choi and I because we are here to support every student. We know that everyone has a unique story that potentially has some high points and some low points. It is our goal to make that story of yours a success story through any way we can. Most of us think we have some great ideas of how to change our world or what is best for everyone. In reality none of us truly know what is best for each student at WSUV. That is why David and I would be great individuals for this position. We are dedicated to allowing all students to voice their opinions, concerns, and questions for student government.

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