Punctuality at its most difficult

Are you ever late to class? Washington State University Vancouver’s status as a commuter campus can make that getting to class on time a challenge for some students. Late bus arrivals, waking up late, traffic and getting siblings or children to school on time are all commonly cited reasons for tardiness. However challenging it may be for students—some travelling more than thirty miles to class every day—getting to class on time remains a major key to success. If you find yourself constantly running late, here are some tips that might help you get to class on time.

First, cutting time out of the morning routine might be a good place to start. If you have trouble picking out the perfect outfit for the school day try deciding on what you will wear the night before rather than spending time in the morning browsing through the closet. The same applies if you usually shower in the morning, but have to battle siblings or roommates for the shower. Rather than taking your chances with the siblings or the roommates, simply shower the night before or skip it altogether. However, if showering the night before is not an option, try waking up earlier or setting a time limit on showering and sticking to it. If putting on make-up eats up a big chunk of your morning routine, you may consider bringing makeup with you and applying it after your first class—if it is an early one—or consider waking up earlier to apply it.

Second, dealing with traffic can play a major role in being late to class. Since WSU Vancouver is a commuter campus, many students are commuting from various areas both in and out of Vancouver. Sometimes it may seem like you left the house at the exact same time everybody else left to commute to school or work. If you haven’t already, you may try to figure out a shorter route with less traffic and take it to school instead of the usual route. If there is no shorter route, or if the shorter route is just as jammed up as the usual route, take the freeway to school if at all possible. If you enjoy stopping by the drive through for your morning coffee, another way to shorten your drive time might be to bring coffee or tea from home rather than risk getting stuck behind the guy ordering coffees for twenty people at Starbucks or Dutch Bros.

Once you arrive on campus, you can also save more time by strategically parking in the closest color-designated parking-lot to your class. For instance, if your class is in the Undergraduate Building (VUB), you can park in the orange-three parking lot with an orange parking permit. If you have a gray parking permit, you can park in the gray-five parking lot since it is the closest to campus. It may be helpful to keep the usual class start times in mind to avoid full parking lots located closer to campus.

For students who take advantage of public transportation to get to school, some problems getting to class on time may seem beyond your control. C-Tran’s bus number 19 is the bus that runs to WSU Vancouver and it sometimes runs late. However, if public transportation is your only option, you may try catching earlier busses to avoid being late. There are many reasons for running late, but by assessing what eats up the most of your time in the morning, whether it is putting on make-up, hitting the snooze button on your alarm, or being caught behind the same school bus every morning, it is possible to change your routine to make the maximum use of your morning and arrive to class on time.

For a map of campus parking lots, check out vancouver.wsu.edu, and for more information about bus schedules, visit c-tran.com.

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