Questions about official complaint filed by Salzman against ASWSUV Election Board?

The 2014 ASWSUV election results are official and the polls saw a 19.4% voter turnout to elect ASWSUV President David Choi and Vice President Peter Collier over Carly Lowder and Ashlyn Salzman, by just one vote. However, on March 19 Salzman filed a complaint against the ASWSUV Election Board, claiming infractions of ASWSUV by-laws during the elections and at the polls.

According to official ASWSUV Judicial Board documents, Salzman filed a formal complaint against the ASWSUV Elections Board on March 19. Salzman claims that campus polling stations were opened late and closed early during the days of elections and on Thursday of elections, the polling station at the Library building (VLIB) closed at least 5 minutes early; that the last vote was entered was at 5:55 p.m. Salzman also claims an election violation occurred when the Electronic Reader Board between the Multimedia Classroom building (MMC) and the Library (VLIB) rotated candidate flyers between Tuesday and Thursday of election week, because the reader board is in plain sight of the VLIB polling station.

According to the ASWSUV Election by-laws, campaign posters cannot exceed 8.5×11 inches in size and, according to the official complaint Salzman also claims one Presidential ticket and two senatorial candidates had posters/banners that exceeded the 8.5×11 poster size limit.

Salzman also claims that presidential tickets were given permission to use stickers as campaign material by the Elections Board, which is prohibited by ASWSUV Election by-laws.

The ASWSUV Judicial Board officially accepted the complaint on March 24 and the hearing was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Thursday in Firstenburg Student Commons Conference Room 104. At the hearing, the Judicial Board discussed the complaint filed by Salzmann and gave both parties an opportunity to present their arguments. Both parties had until 5 p.m. Friday to turn any evidence over to the Judicial Board.

According to Nick Trudeau, Chief Justice for the ASWSUV Judicial Board, both parties were allowed to present witnesses to provide testimony and the Judicial Board is reviewing all evidence that was turned over.

“Right now, the only thing substantiating [the complaint] is the last vote was cast at 5:55 p.m. on Thursday,” Trudeau said. ‘

Also be sure to check out our video coverage of the event:

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