Recreation moves to new location in unused Annex

This fall, returning students looking to go on trips or check out sports equipment may face a new quandary. Where has the recreation office gone? This is one of the new changes to campus at the start of fall semester.

In a transition that has taken place over the summer, the recreation office is moving from its current location, in the northwest corner of the Firstenburg Student Commons, to the unused Annex building. The Annex building is nestled in the trees down the hill to the east of the Undergraduate building. It was one of the original buildings on the property when WSU Vancouver purchased the land the campus sits on today.

According to Recreation Office Coordinator, Anthony Deringer, this is a move that the Recreation Office has been pushing for over a year. In the Firstenburg office space, there wasn’t room for cleaning and drying equipment, resulting in staff having to clean equipment on the sidewalk outside the office. Additionally, the new space in the Annex has much more room to store equipment, as well as provide additional space for desks.

Spencer Vaughn, a sophomore and the rental assistant with REC, said “this move was a huge upgrade for the recreation team, going from the small space we have now to essentially a new home.”

This new space will also be home to the Student Ambassadors. The old Recreation REC will soon be occupied by the Office of Student Diversity.

One of the concerns raised about the move to the annex building is the distant location of the Annex. Spencer Vaughn did not feel think that this was problem.

When asked about the location, Vaughn said it is a “great location for what we do.” Vaughn says that the new REC location near the trails and the disc golf course will allow students to easily check out mountain bikes and disc golf discs more easily than before.

Lastly, Vaughn said that possibly the greatest benefit of REC’s new location is that cars can be driven right up to the front door. This access would eliminate the challenge of carrying heavy equipment such as kayaks around campus.

With new space at the Annex, the REC staff is hoping to add a few new features including climbing holds and fingerboards to help students prepare for climbing trips. In the lawn area, in front of the new REC space, shaded by trees, staff would like to add a picnic table and places to play bocce ball and/or croquet.

Overall, the recreation staff is excited to be able to serve students better through this new space. Students are encouraged to stop by the Annex any time during regular hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Information about the Recreation Office is available online or at (360) 546-9532.

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