Recreation supplying VanCougs with summer adventure

As finals are winding down, the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) has been ramping up for summer. A new year means a set of new interns for OSI; Cambri Shanahan is last year’s intern and Manuel Mendoza is stepping into her position. Shanahan has been assisting Mendoza in the setup of events for this summer, and they have lined up a summer filled with activities.

Several of OSI’s staple activities are being brought back for another year, including white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking and paddle boarding. They also plan to do a backpacking trip and wind surfing.

Several of the activities will happen multiple times during the year, and there is always the potential for more activities to be added, although none are in the works at this time. At least one white watering rafting trip is being planned for summer at the Deschutes River. Hiking trips and mountain biking trips will happen multiple times but the trails are still to be determined.

One backpacking trip has been planned, but details have not yet been determined. Paddle boarding will happen at least once and the location is also unknown at this time. Shanahan said that most of this planning will be done by Mendoza soon. Windsurfing has been planned for Hood River; the date will be announced in OSI’s annual recreation publication, which will also include intramural activities and any workshops occurring during the summer.

Students do not have to wait for OSI’s recreation trips to take part in summer activities; OSI has a large number of rentals available to students. These rentals include mountain bikes, bike racks, paddleboards, kayaks, helmets, backpacks, tents and other camping necessities. Bear canisters are also available for those who desire them. Students can also check out sports equipment such as soccer balls, Frisbees and footballs. Shanahan said that some of the most popular rentals are the paddleboards and kayaks, which are inflatable and come with a personal flotation device, helmet, paddles and pumps. “Everything you need to get out on the water,” says Shanahan.

One of the lesser-known recreational activities available on campus is a disc golf course. This course starts behind the recreation annex and play occurs in an open area. The course is free for anyone to use. For students seeking a more challenging course, Leverich Park is only a few miles from campus and is home to a 12-hole disc golf course, which is also free to the general public. For more information on the Leverich Park course, students can go to vcdg.org/

OSI is planning to have a mix of weekend and weekday trips to accommodate the greatest number of students during the summer. Dates, locations, times and all other pertinent information about each of the trips will be made available soon in print from various locations across campus or at studentaffairs.vancouver.wsu.edu/student-involvement/outdoor-recreation-trips-activities, which includes a link to the schedule. The website will be updated as soon as the summer schedule is published. The menu on the side of the page can also be used to investigate summer intramural sports and fitness center hours.

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