Romantic dates gone south

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people’s minds turn to great romantic moments of the past… as well as the one are that didn’t end up exactly as planned! Some dates go much differently than expected and often tend to result in great stories! Some students on campus volunteered to share their most embarrassing, unexpected and/or awkward dates.

Haley Sharp, a senior majoring in biology, had one such experience.  Sharp was car shopping on craigslist and stumbled upon an enticing ad for a Porsche 944.  After receiving advice from several friends, Haley decided to check out the car. Surprisingly, the car owner/seller wound up being “a very good looking young guy,” said Sharp. Afterward, Sharp discussed the car owner with the same friends who had earlier offered advice about the car. Jokingly, Sharps friends told her the car owner was probably a stripper. Unexpectedly, the car owner later contacted Sharp, asking her on a date. During the date, Sharp and the car owner discussed their occupations. Ironically, it turned out that the joke made by Sharp’s friends was accurate. The car owner was in fact a stripper.  “I almost died!” said Sharp. “I pretty much immediately told him I wasn’t interested.”

Sara Seyller, a graduate student in the Masters of Public Affairs program, is another student with a date-gone-wrong tale. On a first date, Sara and her date decided to go hiking and climbing on rocks by a frozen lake with some mutual friends. Everything started off well, until Seyller fell off a rock near the frozen lake, through the ice and into the freezing water.

Fortunately, Seyller’s date and their mutual friends were able to rescue her. Once out of the water, the date went from bad to awkward. In order to avoid extreme hypothermia, Seyller had to remove her clothing-in front of her date and the other male friends-replacing them with her date’s clothing. While they were able to laugh about it later, this outing definitely proved to be quite different than either of them anticipated.

Rachel Miles, a senior majoring in biology, did not necessarily have a bad date but had quite an unexpected experience. First day of class, Miles’s boyfriend brought her flowers, which he gave her in the parking lot next to her car. As Miles turned back to her car to grab something, she bumped her head on her car door, slicing open her gum and upper lip. When she turned back, blood was flowing down her mouth and chin. At this point, the romantic moment was thoroughly blindsided by this unexpected turn of events. Adding insult to injury, Rachel was late to her first day of class, and her face was swollen for the rest of the day.

Dates like these do not always end  perfectly, but they do make great stories!

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