Salmon Creek Journal’s events expand organization’s scope

The Salmon Creek Journal has long been a cornerstone of Washington State University Vancouver’s arts scene, publishing visual and written works of art in its annual publication. This year, the Salmon Creek Journal’s staff has begun expanding into new events that expand the scope of their advocacy for arts and what art means.

The Salmon Creek Journal has been hosting several new events over the year, such as open mic nights and other events centered on sharing works. The most recent such event took place on Feb. 27, when the Salmon Creek Journal hosted a new Harry Potter-themed event at Washington State University Vancouver called Fiction or Film. Jennifer Schwartz, poetry editor of the Salmon Creek Journal, said that the inspiration for the Fiction or Film event came from a class she took at another school where attendees of that event would read various forms of literature, such as short stories, and would watch foreign films inspired by prominent literature.

The Fiction or Film event allowed people to share their poetry to the attendees of the event. Julia Waters, visual arts editor of the Salmon Creek Journal, said although this is the first Fiction or Film event, the Journal hosted an event last semester that was similar, Writers Unite. During Writers Unite, attendees would read their poetry aloud, and then would ask for feedback as needed, while Fiction or Film also involved film showing, poetry sharing and various games to create a fun atmosphere.

Waters said that the Salmon Creek Journal plans on hosting another “Fiction or Film” event in the future. “I think we’ll continue it. It has been fun and successful and it’s a good outlet for writers on campus to feel like they have a writing community here where they can share their work.” Waters also said that if more people want to read their poetry or prose in upcoming “Fiction or Film” events, there will be a sign up sheet so that everyone will have a chance to do so.

The Salmon Creek Journal also has a new incoming editor-in-chief. Christopher Tuttoilmondo-Holmes has been the Music and Programming Director for KOUG Radio but will take Cambri Shanahan’s place as editor-in-chief after commencement in May. Tuttoilmondo-Holmes said, “I’m excited to work with the SCJ and it will be my first time working for the journal. I’ve submitted my own work before and have several ideas of what I would like to do with the journal this upcoming year.” Tuttoilmondo-Holmes’ overall goal is “to widen the scope of what ‘fine arts’ means to the SCJ.”

Tuttoilmondo-Holmes’ plans include collaborating with KOUG Radio “on events like Open Mike Night, since I think that bringing the two organizations together will create more fun and reach a wider audience” and addressing the “blank pages” typically found in the beginning of books. “I’ve always wondered why those are there, and one idea I have is to collect notebook doodles from students on campus and make a mash-up of them in those blank pages.”

For more questions about upcoming “Fiction or Film” events, contact Christopher Tuttoilmondo-Holmes, the next editor-in-chief at CDTuttoilmondoHolmes@gmail.com or follow the Salmon Creek Journal on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/salmoncreekjournal, on Cougsync, or by visiting their website at http://www.salmoncreekjournal.com/staff/.

Photo features Salmon Creek Journal Staff.

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