Sarah Holman receives the 2016 Library Research Excellence Award

Making strides in both modern medicine and technology, Washington State University Vancouver is renowned for its research programs. Sarah Holman is an undergraduate student in the College of Nursing, and recently received the Library Research Excellence Award for her study that challenges previous medical methods of pneumonia treatment.

As a student in the College of Nursing, professors Phyllis Eide and Shelly Fritz assigned Holman a research paper in a population health and theory class. This assignment set Holman on a research path that led to new medical insights as well as the Library Research Excellence Award.

While working on her paper “Grand Challenge: Childhood Pneumonia Mortality in Nigeria,” Holman found cost effective methods for awareness, education and prevention of pneumonia that may prove more effective in curing the lung infection worldwide.

Spending nearly 30 hours on her research paper, Holman was determined to find four solutions that would help address pneumonia in Nigeria. Holman found that “educating women about the value of breastfeeding in preventing pneumonia, spreading knowledge about the disease through the media, increasing vaccine production in Nigeria and increasing awareness of signs of pneumonia” may prove helpful in fighting the infection.

Although approximately 127,000 children from Nigeria die each year because of pneumonia, Holman remains positive that the problem can be solved. “Despite these bleak numbers, there is reason for hope because pneumonia may be prevented with simple interventions and treated with inexpensive medication and care,” Holman said.

Expecting to receive her bachelor’s degree in December, Holman looks forward to her future in nursing and hopes to find employment at a research hospital. She sees her paper as proof of her achievements at WSU Vancouver, saying, “It has encouraged me that I have the ability to succeed in future nursing graduate studies.”

Holman will not only be awarded WSU Vancouver Library Research Excellence Award, but will also receive $300 and her paper will be showcased in the library in the upcoming fall semester.

For more information about the 2016 Library Research Excellence Award or future awards, go to library.vancouver.wsu.edu/researchaward.

Photo credit: Brenda Alling

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