Science seminars every week offer variety and accessible education

Monday science seminars seem to be a secret at WSU Vancouver. Hidden away in the depths of the science building, students and staff gather every Monday from 3:10 p.m. to 4:10 p.m. in VSCI 12 to listen to speakers present.

Anyone is welcome to come. Presentation topics cover various concepts of science, including neuroscience, physiology, ecology, conservation biology and geochemistry.

John Bishop, program leader for WSU Vancouver’s Biology and Environmental Science Programs, says the seminar series has run continuously since at least 2001.

Speakers come from many schools, especially around the Pacific Northwest. Professors from University of Washington, Portland State University and WSU Pullman are scheduled for later this semester.

These science seminars are a resource that provides opportunities to see what other professors are working on around our area. It is especially a chance to see current, up-to-date research on what is going on in the science world. They will continue through the spring semester as well.

“This is definitely a way to keep up with cutting edge research that in some cases hasn’t even been published yet,” said Dr. Bishop.

Students aren’t the only ones that benefit from these seminars—many faculty members attend as well. Visiting professors are usually selected because their research is similar to professors on our campus. This allows faculty to connect to different aspects of a topic and get to meet other professors from universities around the region.

To find out more about professors’ research on our campus, Dr. Bishop recommends faculty web pages on the WSU Vancouver website. Also, grad students have classes where some faculty talk about their research. Perhaps in the future there will be a better way for students to find out about what their professors are working on at WSU. But for now, be sure to take the opportunity to see what outside professors are looking at and come to a science seminar next Monday.

Even if you are not a science major and a topic catches your eye, check it out. Look out for flyers with the week’s speaker and topic posted around campus.

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