Skye Troy and Samy Reel elected ASWSUV President and Vice President for 2016-17

On Wed. Mar. 9, Skye Troy and running mate Samy Reel were elected president and vice president of ASWSUV for the 2016-17 school year. Troy and Reel ran against two other tickets: Julie Mercado and Honor Stevenson as well as Debika Finucane and Mike White.

After having the election results confirmed by the WSU Vancouver Election Board, Troy said firstly “I feel humbled.” Hearing that she and Reel were the winning candidates “felt so gratifying,” said Troy. She was excited and grateful that WSU Vancouver students felt that they were the right choice to lead student government.

Troy is already planning proposals and initiatives to implement when she and Reel take office. Of great importance to Troy was raising awareness and providing resources for students to complete their degrees in four years. She said that students need ready access to information early in their college careers that shows them what must be done to earn their bachelor’s degree in a four-year period.

Troy hopes to strengthen support for campus clubs and student organization. “We see every student organization on campus as pivotal for the community,” said Troy. Troy and Reel hope to create and foster a strong foundation for the community and academics of WSU Vancouver. They feel it is their duty to help lead the campus in a direction that forms a lasting foundation and legacy for the relatively young campus.

In the past, Troy has had experience lobbying in political venues for college programs. She hopes to continue to lobby in the state government for lower education costs in her role as president of ASWSUV. Troy hopes to work with other student leaders at other campuses to create mutually beneficial relationships among the student bodies of other regional colleges.

Troy and Reel are excited and humbled to have been elected president and vice president. In the election, they received 52.1 percent of votes. According to the Election Board, 19.1 percent of the student population voted in the election. In an official statement announcing the election results, the Election Board expressed pleasure in the conduct of the candidates throughout the campaign and election process. “Their engagement in this process reflected well on our university and has given us all reason to be proud.”

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