Skye Troy receives the Emerging Leader Alumnae Award

On Oct. 6, Washington State University Vancouver’s Skye Troy won the Emerging Leader Alumnae Award. Troy accepted the award at Portland State University’s Hatfield School of Government during the 10th Annual Power Lunch for the Center for Women’s Leadership (CFWL).

The award recognizes Troy’s on-going work in leadership, advocacy and mentorship.

In 2013, ASWSUV President Troy faced competition from over 200 applicants to fill one of thirty available spots to attend the PSU Center for Women’s Leadership’s “2016 NEW Leadership Oregon” program.

Joining the program meant an opportunity to work with other women leaders of Oregon, and would provide Troy with useful tools and resources to implement while learning about politics and policies.

Upon her acceptance to the program, Troy became involved with organizational partnerships, which strengthened her experiences as a woman leader. These partnerships offered Troy valuable experiences such as working alongside state representatives.

Through her efforts with the program, Troy learned the importance of and the necessity for women’s accessibility to resources such as mentorship, especially for those interested in leadership positions.

Three years later Troy was nominated for the Emerging Leader Alumnae Award, a commendation of her exemplifying efforts as an advocate for women who lead.

“The NEW Leadership Oregon program changed my whole view on women’s leadership. I would not be where I am today if I did not attend. Winning the award was a surprise and a very humbling experience,” Troy said.

The leadership role that Troy fills goes beyond her involvement with the CFWL organization. During her time spent studying at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) she helped establish the American Association of University Women chapter, which promotes equity for women through advocacy and education.

The chapter provides opportunities for nine women to be sent to participate in the annual National Conference of College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in Washington, D.C. Not only was Troy selected to attend, she also received the NCCWSL Scholarship to help cover any additional costs.

In addition, Troy has been involved with student government for four years and is a current member of the Troutdale Citizen’s Advisory Committee, as well as the current ASWSUV president.  However, Troy’s role as a woman leader has not always been as enthusiastic as it may seem.

While attending MHCC, Troy was encouraged to run for student president. However, Troy was uncertain as to whether her gender would become a factor in how others perceived her leadership abilities, especially while running on an all female ticket.

“I hesitated because I was worried about not being taken seriously as a woman leader. After the NEW Leadership Oregon program, I became empowered, motivated and inspired. I will continue to advocate and participate with the organization, to break down barriers that women face in becoming leaders,” said Troy.

By embracing challenges and facing adversity head on, Troy’s role as a leader is an indicator of something larger than herself. According to Troy, women’s leadership is important and achievable through mentorship, community building and personal outreach.

Receiving the Emerging Leader Alumnae Award has positively affected Troy, motivating her to continue doing the work that she’s doing and furthering her ability to represent women leaders. This, above all else, is what the award symbolizes to Troy.

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