So what’s up with the elections now? (Updated 3/25)

What’s up with the elections?

The busy student’s cheat sheet to wtf is going on with a tl;dr at the end for the super busy.

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On Monday, March 18th the ASWSUV Judicial Board reviewed allegations that the Winters/Ramos/Elections Board violated ASWSUV constitution by-laws.
Instead of watching 28 minutes, here’s a video that takes less than 3 minutes to digest that highlights the definitional debate of “polling station” and “unusual form of campaigning.”
Judicial Board Summaryvancougartube
On Tuesday, March 19 the official word was that the election results were invalidated and we broke it online:
Just in: The ASWSUV Judicial Board has invalidated the 2013-2014 ASWSUV Elections. More details to follow as they become available.VanCougar Newspaper
Breaking News: ASWSUV Judicial Board reviews allegations, rules on case (updated with short video)Streaming video of the Judicial Board meeting on Monday, March 18th now available in chunks and as a summary: Summary Video Author: admin…
The previously elected executive ticket also issued a response via their Facebook page:
Hello supporters! At this point we want to take the time to address an issue currently floating around concerning this year’s election results. The ASWSUV Judicial Board recently found one of our campaigning methods in violation of an ASWSUV by-law, despite our ticket having previously cleared that method by the ASWSUV Elections Board. Talk of a "special election" has occurred, but we are disputing that in accordance with the ASWSUV by-laws. At this point we want to ensure fair results for all candidates and students who participated in this near-record turnout election.Rest assured we will continue to fight for your right to have your voice and vote count and will keep you updated as this matter develops. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support!I’m Voting Shavey/Pauline 2013 for ASWSUV
Not long after the story had broke, The Oregonian picked up the story:
WSU Vancouver student government election invalidated after alleged violationsWashington State University Vancouver students Shavenor Winters and Pauline Ramos on March 7 won the student body election for president …
Today, Thursday the 21st, ASWSUV’s official website contained official statements about the invalidation:
The ASWSUV Elections Board also released their official response to the Judicial Board’s ruling along with details about the special elections:
“A special election for the ASWSUV presidential tickets will be held March 26 – 28, 2013, next Tuesday – Thursday. The process will be similar to the general elections. Polling booths will be located outside of VLIB and in the VDEN alcove from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. all 3 days. Online voting will be active from 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 26, until 5 p.m. Thursday, March 28. Only presidential tickets will be required to run in the special election.”
Bonus content: It appears that the Columbian has jumped on the story.
Columbian.com – Board invalidates WSUV student body election resultsThe student body election at Washington State University Vancouver was invalidated Tuesday by the Judicial Board of the Associated Studen…
There was a public disclosure of the ASWSUV Judicial Board’s decision in addition to the ruling that campaigning would be allowed on Friday, March 22:
ASWSUV Judicial Board Public Hearing Friday, March 22vancougartube
The “Electionocalypse” issue hits The VanCougar stands on Monday, March 25:
ElectionocalypseThe Complaint Filed Michael Gay, presidential candidate with the Michael Gay/Scott Yin ticket, submitted an official complaint against th…
Thus far there has been one official withdrawal from the Special Elections:
Short-Smith Campaign officially withdrawsTo The VanCougar: Due to recent events, the Short-Smith Campaign would like to officially withdrawal from any affiliation with ASWSUV and…


-The ASWSUV Judicial Board ruled in favor of Gay/Yin vs. Winters/Ramos/Elections Board insofar that official warnings were issued and campaigning would be restricted entirely.

-The ASWSUV Judicial Board ruled to invalidate the election “as the violation has had a substantial impact on the outcome of the election.”

-A special election is taking place March 26-28, 2013 for presidential tickets. Same booths, same online process. No word yet if there will be free donuts.

-Campaigning is allowed as of a statement released Friday, March 22, 2013. Get ready to battle through the Quad.

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  1. Will Wenig says:

    Thank you for summarizing what has happened over the last days. However, I am surprised that you share three statements of the Winters/Ramos ticket and none from the other tickets. I would encourage you to look at this issue from all sides.

    • Emily Spannring says:

      Hey Will, thanks for the feedback!

      The reason why I included statements only from the Winters/Ramos ticket in this article is because I was drawing from public social media that Storify could access to summarize the debacle. As such, this was what I found on the Internet and did not personally contact any of these candidates for statements. Those with stricter privacy controls I was unable to access and/or did not have a public post about the matter.