Spanish Club goes on the air with KOUG Radio

Washington State University Vancouver’s Spanish Club now takes over KOUG Radio each Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m. The new program, simply dubbed Spanish Club Radio, is the result of collaboration between the club and KOUG Radio. The Spanish Club provides DJs and materials, and KOUG Radio provides the tools and space. Kim Takenishi, Spanish Club co-chair and radio DJ, brought the idea to the club’s attention. Takenishi is also the co-host of KOUG Radio’s The Kim and Ryan Show, together with fellow Spanish Club member Ryan Griffith. According to Guiselle Santacruz, another DJ for Spanish Club Radio, the rest of the club readily supported Takenishi’s idea and the planning and collaboration with KOUG Radio went smoothly.

Santacruz said that “organizing before the program helps.” Alongside Takenishi, Santacruz will serve as next year’s Spanish Club co-chair, replacing last year’s co-chair Kasha Banks. She is one of the four students who DJs the program along with Kim Takenishi, Ryan Griffith, and Jim Torrez. The DJs, who are all members of the Spanish Club, arrive about an hour ahead of the show’s start in order to prepare and go over the plans. Santacruz, who hosts the bilingual hour of the program, asserts that this helps her “gather her thoughts” for the show.

The hope for Spanish Club Radio, according to Santacruz, is to showcase “diversity in our school and demonstrate different musical artists.” The program airs songs from not only the more popular Latin artists in mainstream American culture such as Shakira and Enrique Inglesias,  but also showcases music from artists who are popular in Latin countries such as Juanes and Selena. While Spanish Club Radio shares a variety of Latin music for students to groove along to, it also discusses issues currently affecting the community at large as well as Latin Americans, such as improving immigrants’ standard of living and education. On the May 28 show, the club hosted Diane Perez, president of the southwestern Washington branch of the League of United Latin American Citizens, in order to discuss the organization’s work in  improving community safety and halting human trafficking.  In addition to listening to the guest interviews, students are also encouraged to take an active part in the show by calling in with questions. Santacruz is hopeful that “more people can tune in to learn about different topics.”

Spanish Club Radio’s first broadcast premiered just recently on May 21. Though the show is still in its infancy, students have begun to notice. History major Adin Johnson, who is currently a senior at WSU Vancouver, observed that “the program has a lot of potential to be very educational for students.” Interviewed students who had listened to the show appeared to echo his comment.

Students can tune in Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. through the Internet at KOUGRadio.com. Students with questions or comments regarding the program can get into contact through the show’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SpanishClubRadio.

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