Student Ambassadors point the way

The student ambassadors at Washington State University Vancouver are a group of students known for providing assistance to new students, and representing WSU Vancouver. They are often present at  ROAR, the new student orientation, where they often give advice to freshmen students about college in general.

The student ambassadors also help transfer students navigate their way around WSU Vancouver by informing them where to get a parking permit, telling them who to go to if they have any questions and answering any questions they may have about the university.

The student ambassadors also give tours of the campus to anybody who is considering attending WSU Vancouver. During the tour, the student ambassadors can give the perspective student a realistic view of what being a student is like at WSU Vancouver. The student ambassadors have to be knowledgeable about the history of WSU Vancouver so that they are able to tell prospective students  about the university during the tour.

In addition to providing assistance to new students and representing WSU Vancouver, the student ambassadors also get involved in various committees. The ambassadors form groups consisting of four or five ambassadors; these committees are meant to serve different types of students. For example, one program was for freshmen outreach, which was meant to provide extra assistance to incoming WSU Vancouver freshmen students. Every year, the student ambassadors choose different types of committees to serve different kinds of students.

Currently, there are 12 student ambassadors who are a diverse group of students who come from various academic majors. Jessica Schulz, a senior and a personnel psychology and human resource major, is the current lead ambassador.

According to Schulz, one of the best aspects about her job as a student ambassador is being involved with multiple elements of campus, such as planning for the ROAR student orientation and assisting Mel Netzhammer, the chancellor of WSU Vancouver. Schulz said that she really enjoys getting “a taste of different areas.”

Schulz said that she believes that one of the most helpful things that the student ambassadors do for students is point out campus resources. “We take small groups to the Student Resource Center, this is where they can learn about tutoring or studying abroad. We are also able to answer many questions that a current student has.”

“Start out getting involved as soon as you can,” Schulz said, when asked what advice she would give to students who are considering applying to become student ambassadors. “The Student Activities Board has a volunteer fair coming up. Talk to people, get involved, come to the office, ask questions [and] volunteer at the events. Those will help you familiarize yourself with different opportunities and resources on campus.”

For students who have any questions or inquiries about the student ambassadors, one can contact Jessica Schulz, lead ambassador, by email at van.amblead@wsu.edu. For students who have questions about the student ambassador program, students can send an email at van.osi@wsu.edu.

Photo Credit: Laura Evancich

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