Student tells personal account of living with bipolar depression

WSU Vancouver student, Aaron Johnson, a senior majoring in English, has contended with bipolar depression for years. He shares his story here.

Having endured the exuberant highs and terrible lows of bipolar depression, I have seen first-hand the devastation it causes. After dropping nearly fifty pounds, losing the will to get out of bed, and struggling with physical aches, violent mood swings, and exhaustion, I lost my life for six months at a time on three separate occasions.

Because of bipolar disorder, I received a medical discharge from the U.S. Navy. My wife and I began a new life as civilians — but with a bipolar label. It was challenging. The shame was almost unbearable, but with family and friends, and a healthy knowledge of the disorder, treatments and regular visits to a counselor, our life is again balanced and our future is bright.

Love is the best cure. Over the holiday season there are plenty of opportunities to share love with others. And, you never know, it may make the difference between life and death. This is the season of giving — and love doesn’t cost a dime to give away.

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